March 22, 2012

Promar Begins Coverage of the Japan Soybean and China/Hong Kong Fruit Markets for New Clients

Promar continued to grow its single-client, propriety coverage of global food, beverage, and commodity markets in the last two months with the initiation of regular reports on Japan’s oilseeds and grains markets and the Chinese and Hong Kong fruit market.

Japan Soybean Market Intelligence, a monthly report provided to the American Soybean Association-International Market group, began in December and Promar just recently published the first 2012 issue, which is available here:

In January, we began covering the Chinese and Hong Kong fruit markets, with a focus on table grapes, for the South African Table Grape Industry. Promar’s reports are published twice-monthly and cover relevant trends in production, imports, prices, and policy in both markets

The Japan soybean report is the third Promar publishes on global grains and oilseeds markets. For more than four years, Promar has been providing the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries data and analysis on grains supply & demand in key producing countries, such as the US, Australia, the EU, and South America. For the past three years, we have also provided weekly and monthly analysis of the Chinese oilseeds and grains market, with a focus on soybeans and the feed and oil markets, to a US-based client.

Promar has also long been providing regular intelligence on the Japanese seafood to the Norwegian Seafood Council.