Promar’s Approach

Our Approach

Below are the key steps of a successful Promar project.

Meet with and listen carefully to the client’s needs

  • Conduct meetings and discussions to deeply understand the client’s needs
  • Discuss different options for resolving the problem, or taking advantage of the opportunity

Prepare a Clear, Concise Proposal to Address the Client’s Request

Write a proposal which:

  • Defines a clear objective
  • Lays out our methodology and research plan for the project
  • Describes relevant Promar experience
  • Provides bios and background of the Promar staff best suited to the project

Review the Proposal with the client

  • Discuss the study based on the proposal with the client
  • Further refine the proposal in response to client feedback
  • Receive approval from the client to begin the project

Conduct Extensive Research

  • Use a wide range of information sources to obtain background data and information;
  • Conduct personal interviews with industry expert, as they are the keys to successful project results
  • Analyze the facts we are learning, deeply and systematically
  • Exchange and test opinions regularly on information, conclusions and recommendations being developed

Present our findings

  • Present findings to clients, in a clear and reasoned report
  • Discuss results with client and clarify points, as needed
  • Discuss our recommendations in more depth, in person if requested