Key edited

Product Development Support

New Product Development Support

To support its clients, for example, Promar:

  • Determines the potential of new markets, products, and promotion concepts
  • Conducts feasibility studies for new products in target markets
  • Prioritizes markets for future product entry
  • Assesses supply and value chains – from producer to collector, processor, wholesaler, exporter, importer, distributor, retailer and other outlets

Promar has recently:

  • Conducted in-depth research for various clients of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese markets to provide perspectives on market growth, consumption, distribution systems and consumer requirements
  • Assisted the Product Development Division of Japan’s largest food producer with feasibility studies on new developments, e.g. animal feed additives, functional food ingredients, special by-product developments.
  • Determined the potential and prospects for new types of fertilizers in key markets – Brazil, Thailand, France, and the USA.
  • Analyzed the primary distribution chain for one of America’s largest companies and recommended changes in its organization, strategy, products and pricing.