Key edited


Promar’s core areas of business all focus on supporting the world’s food, drink, agribusiness, and fisheries industries. Serving both public and private sector clients, Promar’s business is active in three areas.

1)  Research and consulting services for companies, industries, and governments

We assist clients in exploring and taking advantage of opportunities, resolving problems, and obtaining and understanding key information affecting their business.

Services here include:

  • Market Research and International Business Development
  • New Product Development Support
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Market Monitoring and Intelligence Service
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Economic and Policy Analysis

2)  Promotion Strategy and Coordination

We support clients interested in building international markets for their products. We use our knowledge to help them develop and implement a promotion strategy which can maximize their budget’s impact.

3)  Research and Consulting Support for International Aid and Development Programs

We work with governments and international agencies to support the growth of food production and agribusiness in developing countries.

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