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Regulatory Analysis

Regulatory Analysis

To help its clients to understand import and export regulations and restrictions, Promar:

  • Investigates ingredient limits or restrictions
  • Studies tariff and tax regulations to determine their impact
  • Checks product labeling guidelines and how to meet the requirements
  • Studies certification systems (organic, fair trade, etc)
  • Recommends what clients can do to deal with regulators and restrictive rulings
  • Determines whether restrictions can be changed and how

Promar has:

  • Regularly (annually for 5 years) researched and monitored the use of agrochemicals on coffee beans in 24 countries and the risk that their overuse implies for Japanese bean importers.
  • Studied the restrictions importing countries have on tea imports and what Japanese tea exporters can do to meet the requirements
  • Analyzed, for the Japanese government, China’s policies regarding its growth of short-grained (Japonica) rice and how these policies might affect Japan.