February 3, 2014

The 31 Cities in India – A Food and Drink Exporter’s Guide to the Potential of India’s Best First and Second Tier Cities

This Guide presents the 31 cities in India which represent the greatest potential for increasing imports of foreign food products in the near future. The “31” includes two groups of cities:

  • The Big Six, India’s First Tier Cities (FTC), namely: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata
  • India’s Top Twenty Five Second Tier Cities (STC)

The “6 of the 31” might be thought of as the Six basic flavors – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. They are the flavors that have been around for a long time – everyone knows them, they are familiar, they are the largest, and all know what they have to offer.

The “25 of the 31” are those 25 other flavors – e.g. Honey Nut, Mango Delight, Peach Pumpkin, Ginger Snap etc, etc. They are the flavors that only a few people have tasted. But many of which are just as good as the “6”, and some are even better. And all have been carefully studied by a knowledgeable tasting firm that has identified which are really worth exploring. And, as you will see, they may be even better when they are closely mixed with the “6”.

The report was published in October 2013  by USDA as GAIN Report #IN3116, “The 31 Cities of India – A Food and Drink Exporter Guide”.

You can also access to the report by clicking on the lick below.