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Affiliate Consultants

Promar works with a network of  consultants around the world who offer deep experience and insight in their regions or areas of specialty. These consultants include:

Taneo Moriyama, Tokyo (Japan, Asia, Retail Specialist)

Mr. Moriyama, who formerly worked for Promar, directs his own agri-food consulting firm specializing in the retail industry in Asia.

Hirohiko “John” Hanta, Tokyo (Japan, Asia, Dairy Specialist)

An expert on the dairy industry, Mr. Hanta worked for many years with the New Zealand Dairy Board. Mr. Hanta formerly worked as a member of Promar’s consulting team.

James C. (Jake) Cooley, Arlington, Virginia, USA (Worldwide, Agrochemical Specialist)

Mr. Cooley is an independent consultant who specializes in agrochemicals and fertilizer and has an extensive experience in  projects around the world. An American, Mr. Cooley is a long-term resident of Brazil and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

John Winder, Sao Paulo, Brazil (South America, Agribusiness Specialist)

Mr. Winder, a British national, has his own consulting firm in Sao Paulo specializing in agriculture and food products. He has had extensive educational and professional background and experience in agrochemicals and other agribusiness sectors. Mr. Winder has lived in Brazil for over 30 years and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.