April 7, 2006

A Commissioned Study Project on Forecasting Social and Economic Changes (Indonesia and Laos)

MAFF has already been exploring the appropriateness of introducing “stock management” in the Way Jepara area of Indonesia and the Tha Ngon area of Laos through a project called  “The Study Project on Appropriateness of Preventive Maintenance Plan for Efficient Economic Cooperation in Agriculture and Forest  (hereinafter referred to as the “appropriateness survey”)” launched this fiscal year. It has been criticized that in Southeast Asia, social and economic development (roadway construction, farmland development, and immigration etc.) of the catchment area is affecting the capacity and performance of irrigation facilities. Therefore, in parallel with the appropriateness survey, MAFF also commissioned Promar to conduct  research regarding the socio-economic status in the upstream area of irrigation facility.

The primary objective of this research was to contribute an appropriate stock management scheme for developing countries which are different from Japan in natural and social economical condition through preparing “A Manual of Land and Water Resource Conservation in the Catchment of A Model Irrigation Drainage Facility in order to Contribute to Model Area Preventive Maintenance Manual (tentative name)” as a product of a 3-year program.

The study was conducted in cooperation with Asian Water and Resources Institute (AWARI), Lampung University, Indonesia and Laos National University, Lao PDR. Our research was guided by a Project Review Committee formed by various experienced affiliates and experts. We also received substantial advice and assistance from other experts and experienced persons. We are grateful for their contributions.

Report is available here:
A Commissioned Study Project on Forecasting Social and Economic Changes Preface
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