• <p>Global Market Research Services</p>

    Global Market Research Services

  • <p>Strategy Formulation</p>

    Strategy Formulation

  • <p>Promotion Support and Coordination</p>

    Promotion Support and Coordination

  • <p>Market Expansion Strategies</p>

    Market Expansion Strategies

  • <p>Economic and Policy Analysis</p>

    Economic and Policy Analysis

  • <p>Export Market Analysis</p>

    Export Market Analysis

Welcome to Promar Consulting

Promar Consulting is Asia’s preeminent research consulting firm, specializing exclusively in international food, drink, fisheries and agribusiness markets. Our experienced, multilingual and multinational staff in our main offices in Tokyo and Beijing work closely with affiliates throughout the world to assist major companies, organizations and governments resolve problems, access markets, improve strategies and explore opportunities.

Food and Agriculture Consulting in Japan, China, Asia and the rest of the world